How to Boost immune system Naturally (2020)

    How to Boost immune system

    The ability to resists and reinfection against the foreign bodies called antigens in our body is called as Immunity.

    Foreign Bodies like Virus enters our body to make us suffer from different diseases and illness.

    Immunity Power of our body help to eliminate that types of foreign bodies from our body.

    But the problem is that some people have very less immunity power and can be ill very fast. They haven’t the ability to fight the different viruses.

    As these is a very common problem whole over the world because as you get older your immunity power goes decreasing day by day.

    • How does Immune system help us to protect from viruses?

    Viruses are the parasite which can infect human beings and make them ill and causes diseases.

    They are the antigens for our body. Our Immune system Produces antibodies against them to eliminate them from our body.

    Antibodies in our body are produced by special type of white blood cells in our body which is called as B cells.

    Because of immunity power only we can fight against different viruses in our body and be healthy.

    So, to be healthy and protected from different kind of viruses it is very necessary to have a good immune system.

    Hence, here are some of the effective natural ways to make your immune system powerful.

    Get enough sound sleep

    Sleep and Immunity are interrelated to each other. In Fact, enough sleep can help you Boost immune system

    Researches show that sleeping at least 6 to 8 hours for adults and up to 14 hours for an infant a day help your body to gain powerful immune system.

    Overall If you have quality sound sleep and adequate rest than you can have good immune system.

    Quit harmful Habits

    The habits which harm our own body are called harmful habits.

    Habits like smoking and drinking are called as harmful habits. They are very bad for our health as well as Our immune System.

    harmful habits make our immune system very weak and has a serious effect on our health. They make our brain dull and it cannot work properly.

    So, avoiding these harmful habits for our body is very effective way to Boost immune system and get rid of different illness and diseases in our body.

    Regular exercise

    Regular exercise at least thrice a week is a very effective way of getting your immune system strong.

    Exercising at least 30 minutes can help you to Boost immune system

    Exercise like Yoga, cycling, running, swimming can help you a lot to make your immune system stronger.

    If you feel it hard to exercise everyday than you can exercise minimum 3 days a week for the better results.

    Healthy Eating habits

    Developing healthy eating habits directly effects your Immune system. Healthy fruits, vegetables and other goods help to boost immune system.

    As we know, Vitamin-C is the major factor for boosting your immune system. Eating more vitamin-c rich fruits and vegetables helps you to boost your immune system and strengthen your immunity power.

    So, having a healthy diet is very necessary to boost your immunity power.

    Develop hygienic habits

    Developing hygienic habits in our life is a far better and one of the most effective ways of making our Immune System Strong.

    Hygienic habits like regularly washing hands, Regular taking bath, Taking the care of personal hygiene can help you to boost immunity power.

    These habits help you to avoid infection in our body making our body immune system much stronger and powerful.

    Don’t take Stress

    Stress is a very bad obstacle for our good immune system. Taking stress can cause different illness in our brain like depression. So, we should get relief from stress in order to have a good immune system.

    In a research it is scientifically proven that taking stress too much has a negative effect in our immune system of body.

    So, we should try not to take more stress to Boost immune system. Stress can be avoid through different type of ways like entertainment, sharing your problems to other, don’t take too much pressure of work and study etc.

    Stay Hydrated

    Hydrating directly does not help you to make your immune system stronger but it has an indirect role in making your immune system stronger.

    Although it does not help you directly but it is also one of the major factors that helps you to boost your immunity power.

    Staying hydrated helps your overall body to function properly. hydrating from water is the best option because it does not contain sugar and has got no chemicals like juices.

    So, hydrating from water is one of the best way for human body to boost their immunity power indirectly as well.

    Taking necessary supplements

    For boosting our Immunity power taking necessary supplements is overall the best way at all.

    The most necessary supplements for boosting our immunity power includes Vitamin-C,

    Vitamin-D, Zinc, Garlic, Elderberry, Echinacea etc.

    And above all them the most important are vitamins and zinc.

    The sources of vitamins and zinc are as follows:

    • Vitamin C: broccoli, brussels sprouts, green and red peppers, spinach, cabbage, tomato and tomato juices, winter squash, sweet potato, white potato, turnip green etc. are the great source of vitamin C.
    • Vitamin D: beef liver, egg yolks, cheese, orange juice, soy milk, cereals, some dairy products, fatty fish are the great source of Vitamin D.
    • Zinc: meat, seeds, nuts, dairy, eggs, whole grains, dark chocolates, are the best source of Zinc.


    These are the Most effective 8 ways to boost your immune system. This blog is written by taking help of different books, internet and a lot of research and hard work.

    If you follow these eight ways to boost your immune system loyally.

    then you can find better results in your body.

    the ways in blogs are highly recommended and easy natural ways of boosting your immune system and strengthening your immunity power by eating necessary supplements and doing regular exercise, meditation and possible light workouts.

    It is scientifically proved and the blog is written through many experiments

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