How to increase memory power with these simple effective ways?

    How to increase memory power ?

    Memory is the most important and functional for our day to day life. If a person has not a good memory, he/she cannot achieve what they want.

    Everyone on this planet is a very busy schedule that they even forget small things.

    Sometimes, they even can’t remember what they did before 5 minutes.

    So, here are some effective scientifically proven Ways to increase memory power

    1.Regular Exercise and meditation

    Regular exercise and meditation can positively affect your brain. It is the most effective natural way to increase memory power.
    Meditation helps to increase neuron cells in our body. Neuron cell is a grey matter contained in our brain.
    The number of neurons gets decreasing as your age increases. Meditation helps to regain those functional neuron cells in our body.
    Exercise helps to develop self-control in our bodies. It helps us to be mentally fit and fine. And makes us mentally wellbeing to increase our memory power.
    Mention ways are scientifically proved that people doing regular meditation are more likely to have a powerful memory in comparison to others.

    2.Involve yourself in creative work

    People involving themselves in creative works like arts, drawing, Uno, crafts, puzzles, etc. are more likely to have a better memory capacity.
    As more, you involve your brain in such things the sharper will be your brain.
    If you involve yourself in creative works like art and craft, drawing, etc. you can see better results in you within a few weeks.
    Another most important thing to boost your memory capacity is playing brain games like Chess.
    It not only improves your memory power but also make your brain sharper and makes you intelligent.

    3.Avoid Smoking and Alcohol

    How to increase memory power with these simpile effective ways

    Smoking and Drinking Alcohol not only affects your body but also make your mind dull. They decreases the memory capacity of a person. And makes a person dull and lazy.
    For a short period, it may relieve your stress but it reduces your creativity skills and make your mind dull. It decreases the memory power of your brain significantly.
    Drinking and smoking have a serious impact on both physical and mental health. So, one should avoid the habit of drinking and smoking to increase their brain memory.
    Smoking Cigarettes causes a serious impact on your memory capacity. It contains harmful substances like nicotine which negatively affect the area of the brain which is responsible for memory.

    4.Avoid Stress in life

    Stress is one of the main things that ruin the memory capacity of your brain. To boost your brain-capacity one should avoid stress in his/her life.
    Stress negatively affects the brain and makes our brain dull-minded.
    But the thing is everyone on this planet has difficulties and problems and have got a stressful life.
    So, how to avoid stress in life? what are the ways to increase memory power

    Many people do different ways to avoid stress in their life. But here are some effective ways to avoid stress and be tension-free:

    a) Listening to music can help to make your mood good and avoid stress in life

    b) Keeping a positive attitude helps you to be cheerful and make your brain tension-free

    c) Sharing your problems to someone who can give you its solution can help you to avoid stress

    So, these are some of the effective ways to avoid stress in life. Follow these techniques to avoid stress in life and increase your memory capacity.

    5.Be Socialize

    As we know Human being is the social creature on the planet. They have social norms and values.
    Studies prove that person who is socialized and take participate in social activities are likely to Have more memory capacity.
    Being socialized in society helps you to learn new things. It makes you do new experiments in society.
    Being socialized helps you to learn different things from different unique people in society.
    It makes your mind broad and if you are socially active you are most likely to develop your knowledge and boost your memory capacity.

    6.Learn new things

    If you have the curiosity of learning or trying to learn new things in your life it positively affects your brain. It trains your brain and makes it sharper.
    Having the curiosity of learning new things in life develops a positive attitude in your mind it creates a challenging environment.
    It directly or indirectly helps you to boost your memory capacity.
    If you feel Learning very hard and boring make it easy and interesting. Don’t be just bookworms but try new experiments and practical.
    To learn new things in life, you need to never be afraid of doing experiments in life.
    Experimenting with new things in life helps you to improve yourself and your brain capacity.

    7.Read and Revise

    The last but not the least thing is reading and revising it. It is the most important thing to be done for boosting your memory capacity.
    Reading as well as revising is the best way for boosting your memory capacity for the students studying in schools, Collages, High schools, etc.
    It is never easy for someone to read and revise it. It needs a hard practice and dedication to it.
    So, we are self-need to make reading interesting in our way. We can make it interesting in many ways.
    We can read not only from books but from different sources. And can see videos related to the topic. We can listen to Audio materials If needed.
    Taking help from multimedia for reading and revising is the best way to make it interesting and easy.


    So, these are the few easy, effective, scientifically proven few ways to improve your Memory power which I have written with a lot of research and hard work and help of many books, internet, and my knowledge.

    It’s never easy to achieve things but it’s not impossible too. So, follow these most effective 7 ways to boost your memory power to get powerful memory and better results for you within a few days or weeks.

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